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 Are We Ready???

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PostSubject: Are We Ready???   4/9/2007, 6:50 am

For school that it??

In my house it is a complete NO lol!

In my eagerness in July I decided to buy some 'proper' name tags to go in Charlotte's clothes and had this strange image of lovingly sewing them into her clothes, probably as she slept so I could gaze lovingly over at my little girl, get all misty-eyed and marvel at how far we have come since last year....
Does this sound a bit "Hollywood"? Yeah, too right it does! Laughing

I find myself with fingers that resemble a heroin addicts forearm....full of holes from the flipping needle...unable to even SEE the eye, never mind thread the dratted thing so all my beautiful embroidered labels are currently being attached to her clothes with the aid of "Wunda-Web" lol! Well, it DOES work!!

Note to self: Buy the iron-on labels next time!!! doh
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PostSubject: Re: Are We Ready???   4/9/2007, 10:07 am

PMSL! I had to chuckle hun sorry! yep the iron on labels r much better Wink

Im more than ready!!!

T isnt at sch as yet tho due to waiting for the appeal i sent in August, the sch in our catchment area told me to appeal with proof of the address i would be moving to (the house i am in now) this sch ironically has an ASD unit attached so u can imagine the understanding & resources they have at the school, ideal mainstream sch setting for T Smile

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: Are We Ready???   4/9/2007, 1:31 pm

Yep all ready yahoo dd carnt wait to go back, 6 weeks is far to long.

I just buy the fabric pens from mothercare and write her name on the labels already in her clothes, so much easier thumbup

I hope you get T into school really soon Bambi xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Are We Ready???   

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Are We Ready???
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