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 SW called

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PostSubject: SW called   11/6/2007, 9:46 am

Hi guys

Well to tell u the truth i am fed up and pissed off with the situation big time!

I was informed that the meeting that took place was a professionals only meeting and i will not be able to access the information regarding this meeting, due to it being for professionals only and it was regarding how the professionals in my area are saying different to the centre in Nottingham. She also informed me that his school have informed them that were not not aware of any of the issues i have discussed and he was fine with school! WTF!!!! If T was fine wouldnt he of gone to school with no anxiety and depression about attending school? or was i making it all up? OMG i am so pissed off its unreal!!!

I told her anyone in their right mind would know something was wrong if a child was having such problems with attending school! I said so sod the fact he was bullied and would cry at school forcing the HT & his class teacher having to leave assembly to coax him into the school! She said well the school deny they knew about any issues and all was fine!!!

I have emailed the SW all the documents i have filed regarding all the issues i had and concerns regarding what was happening in school (this is why we need to keep things documented and saved) so they can take a long run and jump if they think they are gonna take the piss with me! and make up more lies!!!

I told the SW i dont care if they are professionals and i am nothing, i wont have them fail my son anymore and blatantly lie! I told her the LEA have lied to my solicitor! about they didnt know of the GPs letter or his discussion with the EWO back in January 06!!! So dont tell me they are not liers and corrupt!!!

I cant cope with these f***ing idiots and how they try to cover shit up, i wont cover nothing up and i will say what is fact, i dont lie about my son's difficulties even if they do!

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: SW called   12/6/2007, 2:33 am

I can't believe the crap they are throwing at you. Do they think they would really get away with lying. I totally agree with saving documents for later use especially with regard to S's behaviour in school which they denied and then wrote about it in his school report, at least when you you lie make sure you don't f**k up and contradict yourself. I am still angry that they denied a problem to professionals then persist in calling me with regard to said behaviour. What have they got to lose, apart from their 'reputation'. Surely, dealing with his would mean less hassle and stress from the parents and child.

I really feel for you and am sending you big hugs.
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Donna K


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PostSubject: Re: SW called   25/6/2007, 4:56 am

I am disgusted!! :o

I am not as far along as you with getting somewhere with A, but I do have exactly the same issues with the school, A's teacher told me I need the help and I need it more than ever now with a baby on the way and that he can't keep on being violent etc and told me if I had the help I need with A then I could cope better and it would make a big difference to us all as a family, she went on to tell me that she's seen his behaviour for herself and that he's a proper Jekyll and Hyde, yet in professional meetings, she denies all of this! :o :o :o It seems they're all corrupt and won't want the extra work involved with having yet another SEN child in their system, oh and a friend was told by a social worker she knows well, that the local authorities here don't like to dx and make it as hard as possible to keep the statistics down! WTF!! Si because of their statistics, families and the children themselves have to suffer, well a big thanks to all those so called professional idiots! Sad

I am not surprised you're so pissed off Bambi, I would be too, the blatant lies are astonishing, it's like they make us out to be the liars when they deny things that have been said. This system is a shit to fight, but we have to, or nobody else will, for our children Sad How DARE they hide a meeting from you, weather it be professionals only or not, it was about your son and you have the right to know, you also have a right to know what the outcome of that meeting and have it in writing for your records, they really do take the piss Sad
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PostSubject: Re: SW called   

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SW called
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