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 letter from Ts SW

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PostSubject: letter from Ts SW   11/6/2007, 6:12 am

I recieved a pathetic letter from Ts social worker saying she hopes me & T are well (she would know if she bothered with us!) and that she will be coming to see me on weds, not good enough!

After all the crap with this meeting i was not informed of and not being sent a copy of this meeting (yet the Psych has it!) along with no contact for over 4 wks and all the crap when i tried contacting her this morn i am not impressed!

I hate all this, like i dont have it hard enough already and negligence is rife within the SS as we all know! Sad

Northern lass born & bred!
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PostSubject: Re: letter from Ts SW   11/6/2007, 6:42 am

hugging it could be positive that she is coming to see you on Wednesdaty, write down all your grievenses and discuss them with her. Take care hun xxx
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PostSubject: Re: letter from Ts SW   11/6/2007, 2:40 pm

I have had the same probs with OH, when my sister asked if I could have a copy of the report they were sending my workplace they send they send the report to HR then they do there own report based on what they say and if I wanted a copy of that report then I would have to take it up with work or organise a meeting with them to discuss the findings Mad , how can I discuss anything if I dont know whats in the report to prepare.
Well the other week I got a form requesting my authorisation to disclose the information in this report, in the letter it said if I wanted a copy of the report I could request it but I might be charged? How much does it cost to do an extra copy? anyway the letter has been filed and I will fill it in as and when I can be bothered.
My sister also asked what matters will be disclosed to work as some of the stuff I said was private and I did'nt want work to know i.e like the fact that I self harm (which he made me show him ) and the fact that I have suicidal thoughts, he said it would be up to HR what they put in the report but he can make a NOTE that I don't want this information disclosed.
As I have waited for over 6 months to get this far then I think I will wait for them to send me out a reminder, petty I know but thats how I feel at the moment.
When I discussed this with my doctor he said that you can request any information that is discussed or written about you as long as it's not detrimental to your health, anyway my point is that as T is a minor then these rights should be yours Bambi, when I see the head doctor she never writes to anyone without me knowing and sending me a copy of the reports so I am informed at all times, hope this helps you out. x
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PostSubject: Re: letter from Ts SW   

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letter from Ts SW
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